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Grand River Enterprise Ltd.(GR) is a Korean Specialty Paper manufacturer established in China in 2004.

With the capability of developing and producing in-house ink and glue, GR has developed many innovative specialty papers such as Trinity Pearl Paper, 3D Paper,

Tangible Paper, Watermark Pearl Paper, Smoothie Glitter Paper, Nonwoven Metallic Checker, Papetier-F; Matte and Glossy Paper.

Our papers are suited for greeting cards, envelopes, wrapping paper, paper bags, boxes, and packaging materials.

Besides specialty papers, GR can produce and supply roll wrap papers according to customer’s specifications as well.

GR uses water-based ink and glue for most of the products to be environment friendly. GR has an FSC certificate and can supply all products with the certificate

upon the request of the customer.

What are you looking for in paper? GR can help make it happen!

The value GR can add to you is UNIQUENESS. GR has not gained its reputation for free since 2004.

We want to grow together with our honorable customers.

Sincerely yours,

David Wang

Managing Director


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